Seattle bicycle courier April Thompkins loved adventure.  But being
kidnapped after delivering blueprints to resort developer Tyler Nielsen was
more excitement than even she wanted.

Calm, steady Tyler could troubleshoot the most complex business disasters
but being bound to a pint-sized, carrot-topped spitfire and abducted to a
remote mountain cabin seemed to befuddle his reasoning powers.

This unlikely team must overcome their differences to battle criminals and
the elements as they dodge bullets, scale cliffs and swim frigid waters to
escape.  As the seconds tick away, it’s a tossup to see which they’ll lose
first--their hearts or their lives.   
Pregnant llamas.  Cheeky little boys.  Raging Idaho blizzards.  A stubborn,
opinionated man who looks like a Nordic god and would rather sleep in a
mummy bag in the wilderness than in a soft bed at home.

From the moment Brandon Wolfe and his two sons swept into her children’s
clothing store, Corey Tierney’s life changed forever.  Corey had always
dreamed of having a family, but she couldn’t have children, and her husband
divorced her when she was unable to produce an heir.  Could Brandon and
his boys be the family she had imagined?  Or would they only break her
Special Delivery
Wings ePress, Inc.
Big Bad Wolfe
Wings ePress, Inc.
Linda Wallace
Romance/Mystery Author
Meet sexy llama rancher Brandon Wolfe!
Winner of the Golden Wings Award.
Twice a year Senior Editors from Wings
ePress, Inc. select whom they think is the
best overall read for their department.
Photo by Gary Wallace
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