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Big Bad Wolfe
Winner of the Golden Wings Award.
Twice a year Senior Editors from Wings
ePress, Inc. select whom they think is the
best overall read for their department.
"Linda Wallace has written a wonderfully romantic story in Big Bad Wolfe.
Her descriptions of places and things are wonderfully right on. The way
she describes her characters make them leap off the pages at you. This
book was very hard to put down. Linda has made a keeper of this book
for me. I will be re-reading this one again and again. The love between
the characters is so wonderful, even with all of the crises they face to
admit to that love."

5 Angels, Recommended Read
Fallen Angel Reviews

"Big Bad Wolfe" is a book that is impossible to put down. It is a very
emotional story that will keep you turning page after page. You are
silently cheering for both Corey and Brandon to open up to each other.
You want them to admit their feelings. This book builds to an explosive
ending with emotions that will bring tears to your eyes."

5 Coffee Cups
Coffee Time Romance

"Ms. Wallace gives the reader a dynamite story filled with passion that
touches the heart in so many angles. So grab a chair with a box of
tissues, perhaps two boxes, and cuddle up for a remarkable read that
will leave a lasting impression. Ms. Wallace does more than touch the
heart; she reaches deeper into the soul and that is why she gets five
lighthouses. This book is worth the read."

5 Beacons
Lighthouse Literary Reviews

"Linda Wallace does a beautiful job drawing the reader into the hopes,
dreams, and even the fears of the characters. I am intrigued by the
llamas. The grace and gentleness of the animals is impressive. Ms.
Wallace incorporates them into the story in a way that enhances the
reader’s enjoyment as well as educating about an animal we don’t
normally hear a lot about."

4.5 Blue Ribbons
Romance Junkies

"I really loved reading Big Bad Wolfe; it was a very romantic book. Going
through the pages it really took my heart away and I kept on wondering
how the story would end. You experience all kinds of emotions while
reading Big Bad Wolfe; happiness, sadness, loneliness and what I
experienced most of all; both Corey and Brandon are afraid to love. If
you want to find out if they are able to overcome these problems, or if
you just love a good written, romantic story, you really should read this
book! I even felt a bit sad when it was finished; Linda Wallace really did a
good job with this book!"

5 Stars
Euro Reviews

"This page-turner is a well-developed look at two people who are falling
in love while eliminating emotional baggage."

4 Stars
Donna M. Brown,
Romantic Times BOOKclub
The Magazine for Fiction Lovers
, May issue

"Loved this story.  Beautifully descriptive, flowingly written; excellent."

5 Hearts
Glenda K. Bauerle,
The Romance Studio  
Coffee Time Romance Interview
Romance Junkies Interview
The Romance Studio
The romance genre today

"SPECIAL DELIVERY was a book I truly enjoyed reading. It was funny,
sweet, suspenseful and a lot of fun to read. Tyler and April were well
matched, and the story just seemed to flow. If you are looking for a fun
read with a lot of action, you will love SPECIAL DELIVERY by Linda

4.5 Blue Ribbons
Dina Smith, Romance Junkies

SPECIAL DELIVERY was very good reading! The story felt like I was
watching a romantic suspense-filled movie on the big screen! A movie
starring Tom Cruise or someone of his caliber! Linda Wallace's writing
seemed effortless and each sentence flowed from one to another
naturally and with ease.

4 Stars
H. Renay Anderson, Euro Reviews

"...this is a classic romantic tale of how opposites attract. I particularly
enjoyed how the romantic tension between April and Tyler kept
shifting but new revelations engage your interest time after time. The
suspense of being thrown together into several life threatening
situations was the perfect foil for them to overcome their seemingly
irreconcilable differences. Still we wonder right to the very end if
there will be a happy ending for Tyler and April. Ms Wallace's
descriptions of the area made me feel as though I was right there in
the back of the van or on a rugged coastal island. The dialogue was
fresh, believable and drew me into the characters experiences.
Touches of humor offset the tensions generated by danger and star
crossed romance. I will watch for Ms Wallace in the future."

3 Hearts
Patrice, The Romance Studio

"Special Delivery is delivered with equal shares of hilarious laughs
and exciting action. The combination artfully rendered by the author.
The book an un-put-downable read.  I highly recommend this
light-hearted, action-packed read to anyone who enjoys a good story."

5 Lighthouses
Nanny & Quill, Lighthouse Literary Reviews

"Special Delivery is an enchanting story of a free-spirited woman
meeting a take-charge kind of guy. Linda Wallace has a great sense of
dialogue and humor that makes this an enjoyable story. The addition
of adventure and action will keep the reader on the edge of their

Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

Special Delivery is just that, with a wonderful plot and brilliant lead
characters...There is also a ton of great action that will keep you on
the edge of your seat.  Villains galore and quite a few instances for
Tyler to be a wonderful hero and save our distressed heroine's life
make a great combination in any book.  Although April is pretty tough
all on her own, she is a little bit foolish and impulsive at times.  Tyler
and April are the perfect compliments to each other, him the stuffy
businessman and her the fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants bicycle courier.  
I found myself enjoying this book and never wanting it to end."

4 Roses
Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart
Linda Wallace
Romance/Mystery Author