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Linda Wallace grew up on a farm in Missouri, a glorious place for
childhood.  She spent the first seven or eight years of her life pretending to
be a horse, galloping and nickering in her yard and the surrounding
fields.  The nearest "city" a few miles from the farm is Arrow Rock with a
grand total of 75 residents; however, Arrow Rock is no ordinary country
hamlet.  The Arrow Rock Lyceum, an equity summer repertory theatre,
brings glamour and fantasy to Missouri every summer.  Linda likes to say
she’s a professional actress, even though she couldn’t act her way out of
a wet paper bag, because as a reward for long hours of babysitting for the
theater’s director during her high school years, she was given a paying
role as Rose in
She Stoops to Conquer.

Since her girlhood days, Linda has lived in many cities all across the U.S.
from Kealakekua on the big island of Hawaii to the Bronx in New York.  Her
three children’s births were spaced across the country, too; the oldest was
born in New York, middle child in Kansas and youngest in Hollywood.  
She currently lives in Seattle, and yes, she loves the rain.

Jobs and interests have been equally wide-ranging including nurses’ aid,
stockings clerk at Macy’s in Manhattan, waitress at the Kailua-Kona Hilton,
weekly newspaper publisher, advertising salesperson for The Los
Angeles Times, elementary school para-educator and administrative

Everywhere she’s gone, though, one of the first considerations was
always where was the closest library.  For underpinning all else is the love
of books.  Linda knew how important books were going to be in her life
ever since she jumped off the little yellow bus returning her home from
Arrow Rock’s two-room school and ran up the country drive, shouting to
her mother, "I can read, I can read!"  
Linda Wallace
Romance/Mystery Author
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